Bunny – Film Attempt

I was handed down a Minolta XE-5 after my father passed away suddenly at the tail end of 2015. A few months later, I decided to give film a try.

I found that Walgreens still sells film, so I stopped by to pick some up (paid for the purchase with my Apple Watch, of course – it was like two worlds collided). 21 photos were processed and only a few came out really, the cottontail one of them. Here are the others:

And here’s a photo of the old camera & telephoto lens:

Needless to say, I haven’t picked up film again since as it’s pretty expensive, time consuming, and I’m clearly not good at it. But I do have this camera and lens nicely on display in my home office, with other items that remind me of my Dad.


PS: All of the photos in this post are untouched (no Photoshop), so you can see how truly horrible my film skills are 😉

This photo was taken on March 9, 2016.
Minolta XE-5 (I don’t remember which lens and settings)
Allen, TX, USA

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